Brenda Williams has over twenty-five years of experience consulting, coaching and mentoring individuals and businesses in a wide range of personal and professional development.  Brenda is a caring, dedicated and well-respected coach in the field of leadership development which comprises leadership of self and others.  She is a world renowned public speaker sharing her message with diverse audiences.

Amongst her friends and colleagues Brenda is known as a dynamic, fun and gregarious personality always ready with an easy laugh and an encouraging word.  It is her compassion and sincere desire to help others that drives her as a life coach to reach out to clients looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Brenda cultivates an environment which consists of inspiration, encouragement and motivation.   Her 7 step methodology has helped her clients shift their mindsets from a thought process that consisted of “I can’t” and “I don’t know how” to a new belief system focused on “Anything is Possible”.

Her clients experience a process of self-discovery which reignites their fire and enthusiasm.  They develop clarity on their life goals, create a roadmap and implement an action plan that helps achieve results quickly and efficiently.  Brenda provides great follow through, ongoing support and guidance to assist her clients in reaching their maximum potential.  Her focus is to help her clients gain life balance with Financial, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual health.

message2 Reaching one’s potential is a very personal exercise and each of us has specific areas we’d like to focus on.  As a personal and professional coach it’s my privilege to partner with you through a creative process to help you uncover your true potential leading to a life that is filled with balance, purpose and happiness.

My passion for self-awareness and growth has given me an opportunity to personally transform my life and fulfill my biggest dreams. Through my own experiences, I have learned firsthand that awakening your passion and discovering what you want in life is a journey that can lead to great achievements. I have a burning desire to empower you, so that you can have everything you seek!

We can work together to remove the hidden blocks that will lead you to more positive behaviors, attitudes, and self-awareness. Whether you want life coaching, help in achieving a specific outcome or want to enhance all areas of your life, my results oriented 7 Step Methodology is proven to help you achieve your goals faster.

I look forward to working with you to nurture a life filled life balance, happiness, respect, loyalty, commitment and success!


Brenda Williams .

“It’s Time to Move Forward”