Love and Relationship Coaching

Brenda Williams is a Relationship and Transformational Life Coach.  She believes that exceptional relationships stem from great communication skills.  She works with you to develop a deeper understanding of how to communicate more effectively with all types of people in your personal and professional life, at home and at work.

You will learn a concept of “designed alliance” which creates mutually rewarding relationships consisting of conscious communication and a willingness to listen to and meet each other’s needs, experiencing empowering authentic relationships.  The notion of creating an “alliance” instills the understanding that “we are in this together,” working to intentionally design a successful experience for both individuals.

This concept is highly applicable to all kinds of relationships—romantic or business partnerships, friends, parent-child, and more.  On a personal note, you can create a “soul-mate” experience in which you have a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality and spirituality for one another.  Once you reach that level of communication with another human being you can create a deeper bond for an extraordinary lifetime relationship.

When you complete our process you will have a balanced discovery plan that spans the full spectrum of life. This intimate knowledge and deeper insight will reveal what your ideal partner looks like from the inside out.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  1. Where do I find the right person for me?
  2. Why do I keep meeting the wrong people and having the same challenges in my relationships?
  3. How can I develop deeper connections with people?
  4. How can I create more excitement and intimacy in my current relationship?
  5. How can I create loyal and committed relationships?

We work with you to:

  1. Attract your soul-mate and find the right person for you.
  2. Identify self-defeating, recurring patterns that sabotage your relationships.
  3. Change old habits and develop stronger communication skills.
  4. Discover new ways to have more lust, passion and intimacy.
  5. Communicate at a deeper level in all of your relationships.

If you strive to create “Incredible Relationships” in all aspects of your life, I invite you to join us in a journey of self-discovery. This understanding of yourself will lead you to lasting, loving and fulfilling relationships and your life will have more joy, happiness and success.